Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Famous

I'm so excited.  Happy Dance.  Happy Dance.

A painting of my very own self is on a Facebook site, aaaand in a blog!

You can check me out - Becky Sorrentino Studio, and on Becky Sorrentino Studio blog - I love this artist, she totally rocks with all kinds of art.  But for some reason, I think her best work is paintings of me.  Maybe I'm partial.  She's really great with us animals though, that's for sure.  Mom ordered some ornaments from her, I can't wait til it comes!!  Yeah, there will be some for The Others, but you just know mine is the bestest.  What do you think of how I look?

I feel so special!
Now...where is my tiara?...

CindyLu  ^'..'^


  1. Thank you! Sigh...I never tire of compliments (aka the Ultimate Truth). Have to say, Alex is one handsome guy, and he looks like fun, too!

  2. I need to get my doggies done by her. She is great. And of course the pic is the cutest ever!

  3. CindyLu says Thank You 'bout the cuteness ;)
    I'll bet you'd LOVE the results for your pooches!


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