Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Mania I Need a Hero

Happy Monday!  One day last week, I found an opportunity to do something positive for the welfare of homeless animals.

It was a very simple thing; from just commenting on a blog post one of the largest pet food companies would donate as a result of it.  I referred to it in this post, Fill the Bowls.

After I commented, I went to the website for Iams; curiosity had a hold on me for what exactly the company was doing.  And there I found this new opportunity.  I already volunteer for a rescue, that was the only requirement I needed.  I watched a few videos, took a "test" (really, it was a slam-dunk for anyone), and am now proud to wear this new title of Local Hero Adoption Advocate.

The "title" isn't important to me for any other reason than it reminds me of how important it really is to help these animals in any way we can.  You don't have to have a master's, you don't have to be a CEO, you don't have to be salaried with a title, you don't need anything particular at all if you want to do good by our homeless pets.  You just need the heart, and the desire for change.  That's simply all it takes.

There will be a little bit of "goodies" sent to my rescue group from Iams, it's an added bonus.  But the most important thing of all, to me, is that we all work together to solve our pet overpopulation problem, and feed those who are innocent victims of it, in any way we can.  Thank You to Iams for promoting your Home 4 the Holidays adoption program and your Fill the Bowls food program for shelter pets.  Thank you to all who do whatever they can, in whatever way, to make the lives of these pets better.

And Thank You to all the shelter pets out there, for your patience and unending loyalty and love.

Today I became a Credentialed Local Hero™ Adoption Advocate because of my commitment to help orphaned pets find loving homes at an Iams® Home 4 the Holidays® pet adoption organization!


  1. You are my hero too, thanks so much for helping out!

  2. That is so awesome! Would you consider letting us use this as a guest post on Pet Blogs United? We would love to spread the word.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Wow, that's great!

    Elyse and Riley

  4. Thank you :) Oskar, you betcha! Honored here, and more than happy to spread the word!


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