Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a Pit - E

In case you haven't already guessed it, the "E" is short for Education.  Today is National Pit Bull Awareness Day, a time to focus on a much-maligned segment of our pet population.
Sonny, looking for a home in St. Louis, MO
As I referred to in my The Unmentionable post, Pit Bulls are merely dogs, and great dogs at that.  Certainly not the vicious man-eating monsters they've been made out to be.  And as we know, when they do turn violent, it is at the hands of man, because of man - not their natural inclination.

It is time for our society to step out of the dark ages on this issue, to ban breed-specific bans and restrictions, and to celebrate a dog that is known to be loyal, friendly, active and loving.  Just what we look for in a family pet! We need to, instead, go after the humans who think it is not only okay, but their right to raise dogs (or any creature for that matter) in inhumane ways, then to completely destroy those animals by forcing them into fighting rings.  That is the problem, not the dog.

What can you do?  Learn all you can about the Pit Bull breed, and experiences others have had both with raising them and owning them as their pets.  Find out where your community stands, what legal issues have been decided upon or are in consideration regarding breed-specific dogs; attend meetings, write to your town hall, talk with your neighbors if you find your own community has been less than fully hospitable to these dogs.  Volunteer, donate, foster - and/or adopt a Pit Bull.  It is time, way past time really , to end the discrimination against a dog who's only real fault is a strong desire to please their human.

You can find more information, and some great links, at

Today we celebrate the Pit Bull!  Have you hugged a Pit Bull today?

p.s. - I just visited a blog I follow, and you'll absolutely love the videos!  Go on over and check them out, it's hysterical! doggies and stuff


  1. They get such a bad rap, I think it is a human problem fur sure!

  2. I agree with Brian! They are such cute dogs…. If they are given love, they are loving back!


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