Monday, November 22, 2010

Sears and LG for the Holidays

                                  Okay, got a question for you.  What do you call this building?

If you're from Chicago, chances are - Sears Tower.  It may have been renamed the Willis Tower, but Chicagoans, loyal to the bone, still prefer Sears.  And anyone who's ever owned a Sears appliance can tell you, there's nothing else like them.  It's a name you can trust, and depend upon.  Chicagoans like that. There's another great company, LG; the products I've had with that name are simply the best.

Why talk about that building?  I have some great news to share!! DoggiesandStuff has just informed us all about a special offer by the great companies of Sears and LG. I wrote awhile back about the great need these days, of people and their pets, for food assistance.  In the post I referred to a holiday program in the Chicago area, whereby grocery shoppers can drop their donations into bins right after they checkout.

That program, Dominick's Finer Foods And ABC7 Holiday Food Drive, benefits the Greater Chicago Food Depository, an awesome and expansive effort endorsed by the city of Chicago that assists those in need. It began in 1978, and by 2004 had become a model for food banks.
The Food Depository has helped countless families in time of need.
Greater Chicago Food Depository

 Sears and LG will donate $1 for each view of their video - to the Greater Chicago Food Depository!

                                                                 Please - Watch this video!!  
You can easily and painlessly help to donate toward the assistance of those hurt by these times.  Perhaps you'll make a holiday a little brighter for a family hit hard.  Here is what you can do:

-Watch the video, and comment on it.
-Spread the word to friends - 
Share the link on your Facebook
Tweet about it, share link on Twitter
Embed the video on your own website for your readers
Send an email to your contacts with the link

It's horrible to have to go hungry at all; during the holidays it hurts even more, knowing others are sitting down to wonderful feasts with their families and friends.  It's sad.  A moment of your time can make a difference!

Thank you to Doreen, at Doggies and Stuff, for alerting us to this opportunity!


  1. Thanks for passing this along, it sounds like a great program and we will check it out:)

  2. We plan on helping spread the word about this!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for telling us about this. We watched the video.

    Elyse and Riley

  4. Thanks for sharing the information!!

  5. That is a great program, thanks for telling us about it!

  6. Cool! Thanks for sharing the info.

    p.s. Sears Tower is what I call it and I live in Minnesota :) My husband, however, is from Chicago.

  7. I love seeing all of these easy on-line fundraisers. We'll watch the video and help out!


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