Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Mania of Course

Nothing like Mondays.  Just the word wears me down, I think!  Nah, not really.  My sincere apologies for having been awol over the weekend; I can't even begin to list all that was keeping me from this blog! But...we're baaack!  And with a phew (haha) things to cover...

First of all, thank you to all for your comments and your visits; I truly appreciate you all!  And welcome, new followers!  You've joined us at a great time, I think.  Although the next few weeks will be extremely hectic, with the holidays keeping us all busy (and I have school, too!), there will be some really great reasons to take a break from the madness and enjoy a blog post or two...or many.'s a surprise, but there is going to be a special blog hop this coming week, especially for the holidays! In case you're a new reader and not familiar with blog hops, it's where a bunch of blogs all connect together, with a listing contained in each of all the other blogs.  You can visit as few or as many as you like from that list.  It's loads of fun, there are so many different kinds of blogs out there, with information, entertainment, whatever suits your fancy.  This blog hop will be all pet-related blogs, with a special twist.  

The holiday blog hop has a special theme - giveaways!  Each blog on the list will be offering a prize (or more), and it will require only something simple to enter (maybe becoming a follower, or commenting, etc).  'Tis the season of giving...and our blogs will be giving!!  Presents before the holidays even hit!! Between getting something really great for yourself (or pets), or for a fantastic gift for someone else, this is a fun time you won't want to miss.  

CindyLu has picked out what she wants to offer for our giveaway...and absolutely can't wait to show you. But you'll have to wait until Wednesday night.  No peaking.   

And finally, I have been remiss on something that's really totally exciting.  Don't ask me how I managed it, but anyone who knows me personally wouldn't be surprised I suppose.  A short while back, I entered a contest On PBU's blog, Pet Blogs United - just had to make a comment about what you would choose.  I never gave it a second thought - I never win anything (yeah, I'm one of those people) so it's not like I was checking on the results.   Still...I missed the post, I even missed the email sent to me!  D'uh!!
Check these out!!
Here's the exciting news:  I won!  I won!!  CindyLu will be getting a spankin' new, fancy-dancy, pretty for a princess collar!!  She and I were both dancing!!  It's handmade by Doggie Stylish, and we're absolutely thrilled and honored.  You'll be seeing her in it when we get it, I promise.  She's going to be excited to show it off, I'm sure.  Thank you, PBU and Doggie Stylish!

Well, Monday's pretty well spent, so enough of the craziness.  I think we're caught up now, just remember to check in this coming week, get your bid in for winning!

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  1. Concatulations on your win! That is catabulous! so happy for you!
    We were supposed to be in the Gift give-away....I may have to drop out.......the people that said they would participate haven't responded to my last two emails so....uh oh!!!! I may not be doing it. Even if I am not doing it I will enjoy what all of you are doing. Not sure what is going on yet.
    Cat Chat

  2. Thank you! It sure is!
    Oh, that's not good about the won't be the same if you're not in it. Hope you secure one and we see you too; you've always got great things (and posts)! :)

  3. Congrats on your win - I saw that you won - we are followers of PBU.
    Thank you for following my blog and stopping by. We are following you back and look forward to reading your blog :)


  4. That was sure a good win! I don't think I've give away hopped before!

  5. Congrats on your win... I know how exciting to win when you never won anything before. I won an authors autographed book a few weeks ago, and I was SO excited. Like Brian, I have never done a giveaway hop. Sounds like so much fun!

  6. Thank you :)

    It IS fun!! Consider joining! And be sure to hop around on the blogs, I think there will be some really neat giveaways and awesome posts.


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