Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Did Something Today

So, Mom got a message on Sunday from her oldest daughter, Becky, with a cryptic subject line..."We did something today..."  She seemed really curious, and a little nervous, so I stood right by her while she opened the message and read it.  She gasped, then shouted out, "WooHoo!!".  Then she seemed all mushy, with "ooh"s "oh, my"s.  By this point, I was really wondering what it was all about, so she showed me -

This is apparently what a cousin looks like
Mom excitedly told me, "Look, CindyLu - you have a cousin!!"  Turns out, Becky and Mark got adopted by this guy, all just because theyy visited the McHenry County Adoption Center to say Hi to the doggies there.  I was in shock.  I've never even had a cousin before, and I don't even know this guy.  I really think they should have consulted with me first.  Just saying.  (Don't tell them, but I'd have told them to bring him home fast!)

The shelter said this guy's name is Milo, his old mom brought him in there because she couldn't take care of him.  Wow, she must be sad.  He's only one and a half years old, and he likes everybody.  I'll bet he's going to love me!!  Anyway, they filled out all the papers and stuff, met some really nice people there, and then drove home - with lots of goodies for him and information for them to be good pet parents.

There was a stop at the store, to pick up some things he might need, like food and bones, then finally to his new home.

Once at the house, he got a tour of where he'll be living now.
He even got a bone!

All the excitement made him really tired, so he finally relaxed and took a snooze.

All refreshed, it was time for a first visit to the park.

To celebrate a new life, they gave him a new name, Vedder.  Mark's really crazy about someone called Pearl Jam.  

Becky and Mark are going to be happy; they both grew up with animals, and have felt lonely without any.
I think Vedder is going to be happy, too, don't you?

As for me...I just can't wait to play with him!  Happy Gotcha Day, Vedder!
CindyLu ^'..'^


  1. Oh he is beautiful and those eyes are amazing! I love dogs with interesting eyes. : )

  2. I think Vedder is going to be very, very happy with such a loving home.

    You cousin is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to read all about your first meeting!

  3. Vedder is totally beautiful and is such a lucky woofie!

  4. I promise I'll show you photos from when I get to see him. He is really beautiful, especially those eyes - almost as beautiful as me! BOL

  5. Vedder is gorgeous! How fun to have a new cousin!

  6. oohhh, oohh ....
    Vedder is so handsome and manly!
    Congrats CindyLu!

  7. Vedder is one lucky fella-look like he's happy already!
    Thanks for the follow-we'll be doing lots of give-a-ways on Bocci's Beefs from now thru the holidays, so stop back when you have a moment!

    Your buddy,

  8. Those pics are pawsome! Mom squealed when she saw dem. He looks like a cool cousin. Hopefully he doesn't make you put his head in your mouth like my cousin does, BOL

  9. How exciting to have a new cousin, Vedder is lovely and we wish him all the best with his new family.
    Love from Bella and Ollie.


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