Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't Forget Your Garden

Aha!  So that's what it's all about.  Now I know what people are talking about, I've been so confused.
Harley the cat explains this whole "spaded" thing so well, I'm sharing it so you can help your kids (furry and those two-legged ones) understand.  I'm so thankful (oh yeah - I hear it's Thankful Thursday!) for Harley's investigation.  A bunch of us have been wondering just what people mean when they talk about how important it is to get your pet spade and newtered.  It always sounds so serious and scary.  What a relief...for me and Daisy!!

Here's Harley's explanation:  Daisy the Curly Cat

Phew.  And I don't remember my garden getting spaded, either.  Glad it was, though!

Thank you, Harley!
CindyLu ^'..'^

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whacky Wednesday

You can help!

This video is so cool, it's reached nearly 5,000,000 views already on YouTube!  These guys are amazing, and quite frankly so are the talented dogs performing with them.  Yes, I've posted this before, but it's great to watch again, and here's a little tidbit of information for you...'s blog just posted more about this video - it's important to remember that not only is it a great entertainment, it's also for a great cause.  By purchasing the video here, at OKGoDogs, net proceeds go to ASPCA to help homeless pets.  What's even better is that there is no set price -- from as little as $2 the video can be yours (and you will have made a donation).  Help those who are helping the homeless!

This video is also in the running for VH-1's Top 20 Videos.  Woohoo!  You can vote for it right here at - VH-1Top20Vote.

And enjoy.  Again.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Don'tcha just wanna take me home? Huh? Huh?

Well, the Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet Week has ended.  Did you notice one you just have to go adopt?  Did you at least consider one of these cats or dogs as one that would make a great pet?

In case you didn't quite fall completely in love on the "Spot" - a few more possibilities for you....


Francesca--its a name fit for a queen. One look into my big green eyes--and not to mention, at that beautiful coat that only a Norwegian Forest Cat wears--and people are hooked. They fall in love.
Then the questions start. We get to my age. They find out that I'm an older girl, born in 2003...and, like a once-beautiful flower, its as if Ive completely wilted in their eyes.
All those people dont know what theyre missing out on. If they saw with their hearts instead of their eyes, this is what they would see in pretty little me:
A kitty with lots of attitude, filled with confidence and personality, and tons of spunk...a loving girl who wants nothing more than a loving human to call her own...a talkative little lady who always has something on her mind to say to you...and a sweetheart who melts when she receives attention. Im all of these things and more.
Where have I been for the past few years? I was with my first owner. But she became very old and ill, and had to give me up. We were both heartbroken! When I arrived at my foster home, I was beside myself for days. I didnt want a new home; I didnt want a new owner. I had made up my life was over.
Its been said that Im a drama queen, and maybe theres some truth to that. You see, the people at Almost Home are really angels in disguise. Little by little, Ive learned that there was no reason to be so dramatic. They have helped me discover that I do have room in my heart for a new home and owner. Yes, I have found that I can love again. My life is far from over--hey, Im still in the single digits, and lots of cats make it into their twenties!
So here I am, sitting and waiting with all this love to give, but I keep getting overlooked.
Im moody with other cats, so on top of all of that, Ive been hoping and dreaming for an owner who will cherish me as their one and only kitty.
I know, I older cat that needs to be an only cat--gosh, I know its a lot to ask for. People say Im dreaming big, much too big. But I think that maybe, just maybe, the next person who comes along will be different. Theyll say the magic words: Francesca is just what Ive been looking for!
So how about it...Will you be my new angel in disguise?
Email: AHF cat
Call (630)582-3738
Almost Home Foundation has rescued this beautiful cat. Source:

Mamacita, her babies all adopted, permanent wink and black... young and purrfectly healthy.

For more black kitties or pups, dreaming of a home of their own - BDS!  Or  BCS.  You can find a whole variety of shapes, sizes, lengths of fur, ages...   this is directly from my area - go to; just change the search details on the left for where you live.

Black Henry
5 year old black poodle, looks like he came in a mess.  Betcha he's lookin' snazzy now!
Boston Terrier, WISER.   -
Black (BDS!) Lab, WISER, with a ticker that beats to it's own drum.
WISER, "darling"...

WISER, terrier (part pit?  Don't get me started...);
A sweetheart!
Darned misconceptions about pitbull terriers keeping her from getting a home and loving family...
Young, healthy...just a lil' shy!
Keith Murphy

Shh...the shy boy,  source

Above, all Rescued by Almost Home Foundation, source -

Be the change for pets - adopt a less-adoptable pet!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sister Club

Willow, is FIV positive however would live a normal life as an inside kitty. Willow likes affection and often competes with her sister, Princess for your attention.

Willow is one of three sisters, all around 1 1/2 years old, that have been together since birth. All three are now in a foster home. These sisters would do well in most homes and it would be especially nice if all three girls could be adopted together. Princess is FIV negative and Missy, her other sister,is FIV positive however, they have all lived together since birth and do not fight so would be fine together.  

Missy is an all black beauty, approximately 1 1/2 years old and very friendly and affectionate.  She loves any time she can spend with you.  Her fur is luxuriously soft and irresistible for petting.
Princess is a real beauty.  She is a black and white tabby and is FIV negative.  She earned her name, she is pretty independent - likes pets and affection but doesn't necessarily seek it out. She certainly has the looks of a Princess too so who could blame her?

 If you are interested in Willow and/or her sisters, call Kurt at 847 344-3028 or email at  

These girls were rescued by Friendly & Feral Cat Rescue



Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet!  Be the Change for Pets!!


Lepers.  Outcasts.  No one wants them.  Most avoid them.  Some are afraid of them.  They have nowhere to go.  They have done nothing wrong.

Cats who have been diagnosed with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) face multiple battles.  First, they are segregated from other cats, for fear of possibly transmitting the disease.  Second, they are in the shelters' "most-likely" group of those who are to be chosen for euthanasia, because... third, it is difficult to find homes for them.

The lucky ones are at least in foster homes, where they can live normal lives.  Foster homes for FIV positive are few and far between.  With the concern of possible transmission, most foster homes for these cats only house of like kind.  And there are many who need a home - foster or forever - because they aren't adopted readily and often.

FIV is similar to HIV in humans - except it's the feline form, and if transmitted at all, only to other cats.  It is not spread easily, it takes a transfer of substantial saliva, like from a bite wound; or it is passed in utero to the growing fetus.  There is a possibility of sexual transmission, but with spay/neuter this is not an issue. Cats who have been feral or stray may have been in a fight with another cat, or born to infected mothers, and received the virus.  It is a lifelong disease, there is currently no cure.

It is not a death sentence, though.  Cats with FIV can lead completely normal lives, and with high quality food and good vet care - long and happy ones, too.  As long as they are kept free from, or promptly treated for, secondary infections, the virus does no harm.  Eventually, it will probably lead to a breakdown in their immune system, where they will be unable to fend off what an average cat can recover from.  Unless they reach this stage, a FIV-positive cat will enjoy a good life.

There is a vaccine which can be very effective; the existence of this vaccine has, however, complicates matters for diagnosing FIV.  A cat who has had the vaccination will test positive, even though they do not actually have the disease.  It can be very confusing for those who rescue strays and ferals - testing positive may not mean the feline actually has it!  Also, kittens may receive the antibodies from their mother's milk.  This requires delaying testing of kittens until they are at least 8 weeks old, and retesting after a given time for others to determine if they do or do not actually have FIV.  Some actually rid themselves  of the virus over time.

The result is that there are cats who have been "diagnosed" with FIV, but unbeknown to rescuers  may have had the vaccine.  The vaccination is effective for life.  Those who are indeed infected are able to pass on the virus to other cats if they bite them and pass saliva into the bloodstream of the recipient, which usually occurs only in true fighting cases and not horseplay.  But, out of concern and protection for those who are known to be free of the virus, cats with FIV are not kept together with them.

If someone is looking to adopt an only pet, or already has a FIV-positive cat at home and wishes to adopt another, a cat who is in this category might be a good choice to consider.  If they are healthy, they are really no different than any other.  And yet, they so desperately need homes!  While we work at spay/neuter programs like TNR and low-cost clinics, we still have this virus to contend with.  The cats who have the misfortune of carrying the label - they will suffer in shelter cages, or be needlessly euthanized, until FIV is eradicated or a cure is developed.

Consider adopting or sponsoring a FIV-positive cat, they are so deserving and worthwhile!  For more information about FIV and Feline Leukemia, please visit The Winn Feline Foundation.

It's the last day of Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet Week, Be the Change for Pets!

How Cool Is This

See the green thingy on the sidebar?  Says I'm a winner in the pets blogroll?

WooHoo!!  We're getting a cool pet bowl, just 'cause we joined the blogroll and won their contest.  I can't wait for it to come.  I already told Mom I get first dibs on it, I might like it better than the pink one I swiped inherited from the kitties.  I mean, really...Chandler just did not look right with that thing.  So now, if anyone's got ideas on this bowl, they better reconsider.  Chester - that goes for you too.  Mom told me I should share.  I told her she's been watching too many old-time Cracker Jack commercials.

This blogroll thing is awesome.  It's farther down on the sidebar, you can click on it and go crazy looking at what some of my friends are posting.  And if you have a blog, you can enter it, too.  What fun!!

CL ^'..'^

Saturday Morning...

funny pictures-Rap Kittehs
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

I just couldn't resist this one!  Happy Saturday morning!  (Rascally Rascal =^..^=)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Candy and Gumdrop: Sweet Tooth?

Candy and Gumdrop are the Happy Tail sisters! Their tails wag like a dog's when they're happy, which doesn't take much. Their dainty sizes belie the huge personalities of these two, they are just full of play, fun and love. They kiss your nose and eyelids. Both girls get along well with other cats and dogs. Their favorite toy is their Turbo.
They may be "plain, ordinary black" cats, but there's nothing plain or ordinary about them!

Candy tends to be wary of new people and surroundings, she needs time to asses that all is okay first.  Once she's comfortable, she is a super-snuggler and love bug.  Her favorite thing in the world is your lap.  Her sweet, gentle nature is irresistible.

Gumdrop is the adventurous one, ready to check out whatever is going on, or who's around. She's always up for a good play or chase, but just as ready to cuddle. She's one very bright, busy little girl.
These sisters are so attached to each other, there's no question they must be adopted together. This would be best not only for their own health and happiness, but also for the lucky people who choose to welcome them into their home.The combination of the girls' personalities is truly a wonderful blessing.

Candy and Gumdrop are wishing for a happy tale of their own...

Oh, and one more reason to adopt Black --

They dress up really well! ;)
Candy and Gumdrop were rescued by Almost Home Foundation and can also be found at  They were born 2/2008, and have been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Not Perfect, But Purrfect

Crystal and Laser
Crystal and Laser were rescued from a hoarder in June 2008, along with about two dozen other cats. They lived in awful conditions, were severely neglected, and were in much need of TLC. Some of the cats, including Crystal and Laser, were even stuffed in birdcages! Most of the cats were black and all of them were sick and had eye infections when rescued. Crystals eye infection was so severe that it left her with a cataract in one of her eyes. Shes not blind; her eyesight is just cloudy in that eye. Her cataract requires no special treatment and she leads a very normal life.

The above and following are all in the words of the foster moms - Katy and Heather - who care for this awesome sister and brother duo.  Katy and Heather are  seasoned kitty fosters, whose successes in finding suitable homes purrfect matches rank them as super-foster-moms.  They have helped countless formerly-homeless kitties into loving forever homes.  When Katy or Heather speak about their fosters, all should listen up; they are fabulous with understanding each and every cat for who they really are and what they need.  

From the first days in their foster home, it was clear that Crystal and Laser shared a strong bond.  They can often be found cuddled up together in the same kitty bed.  They get along with other cats, but only play with each other.  They do almost everything together.  Their bond is very special, and they definitely need to stay together forever.
Their personalities and looks are opposites.  Crystal is shy and quiet; Laser is friendly and outgoing.  Crystal is tiny, Laser is big.  They balance each other out perfectly.

Laser has an endless supply of energy and is always on the move. He loves catnip and cat toys. His favorite toy is the laser light (his namesake!). He is such a fun-loving cat and is a total blast to have around. He is hilarious (cant you tell from his photos?) and has a happy-go-lucky attitude toward life. He is also affectionate and flops over happily for belly rubs.

Crystal is a calm and quiet sweetheart. Once she comes out of her shell, she turns into a serious lap cat. She loves cuddling up with people, being petted, and receiving belly rubs. She is usually calm and dainty, but Laser really brings out her playful side. She loves the laser light toy, the kitty tunnel, and is constantly sitting at the very top of her kitty tower, spying on everything beneath her.
Crystal and Laser have been searching for a forever home for almost two years now. They are an older bonded pair. They are also black, Crystal has the injured eye, and Laser is big. They both clam up at adoption shows. At the weekly adoption shows, people walk right past them and wont even consider adopting them. When people do stop to look, they say Laser is too big and that Crystal is too shy. Week after week, this wonderful pair has been rejected over and over again.
Crystal and Laser are both micro-chipped, spayed/neutered, litterbox trained, and have all of their vaccinations. Their date of birth is April 1, 2008. They do well with other cats and would be fine with children. They would not do well with dogs. If youre interested in adopting Crystal and Laser, please contact their foster family at
PS: You can meet Crystal and Laser almost every Saturday at the Bloomingdale Petsmart on Gary Avenue from 11:00-3:00.
If you're in the area on a Saturday afternoon -- stop by and visit the adoption event!  Meet Crystal and Laser.  They were rescued by Almost Home Foundation, and their story and details are on

It's Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet week - consider adopting a black pet, giving a home to an often-overlooked treasure!

Black Friday

Day #6 of our Be the Change for Pets, Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet week.

TGIF!! me in the driveway later!

Catnip Party in the Driveway - December 2009 from Fred Griffin on Vimeo.

Today I'll share some pets who are very deserving of adoption, and happen to be black.

J Lo's Song

A mother, her babies, a busy season.  J Lo gave birth to her sweet babies, nursed them, then everyone found a home eventually - except Mom.  No surprise there.  Mothers often languish behind in foster homes or shelters, long after they've seen their beloved babies off to their own forever homes.  No one seems interested in adopting an adult (even if she's only one year old!), no one seems interested in adopting a former mother, and as in J Lo's case - no one especially seems interested in adopting a black short-haired cat.  Period.
J Lo eventually came to live with us, joining our other fosters and probably really wishing she'd found a home before it came to that.  She was a gentle, sweet, loving girl - with a personality that included a headstrong preference for her own choices, and a desire to live without vying for attention or territory with any other animals.  Boy was she in the wrong house.  But it did help her adjust a bit, widen the horizons so to speak, and she learned to tolerate the "others"'.  She was also a shy girl; very wary of anything new, hesitant about people and slow to warm up.  I seriously wondered if there was any possibility of a home out there for her.

Then one day a woman walked into the adoption show, asking about J Lo.  She'd read her story on the rescue group's website, viewed her photos over and over, and wanted nothing more than to adopt her and take her home.  I about hit the floor.  Here was this woman, presumably of sound mind, intentionally wanting to adopt a black, short-haired, former mother, adult female.  And one who was shy and not very comfortable with other pets as well!  After drilling her with a million questions, it was verified that this woman was a.) sane, b.) cat-savvy and experienced, c.) fully aware of J Lo's background, personality, and behavior...and d.) without question, seriously wanting to adopt this "seriously-adoptable" less-adoptable kitty!!
Gail completed the adoption process, purchased supplies, then took her new pet home where there were no other cats and no dogs.  She named her Ethel Rose, celebrating a completely new start in life, and emailed me regularly with photos and updates.  And a success story was created.  Ethel Rose has flourished in her forever home, where her mom dotes on her, provides every possible source of entertainment and attention a kitty could ever dream of.  Gail respects Ethel Rose's unique and endearing personality, and has helped her overcome her timid tendencies.  She seems to thoroughly enjoy the companionship and joy of living with this kitty.  And it seems Ethel Rose appreciates that Gail looked beyond the details that caused others to dismiss her, and  loves the wonderful life her mom is giving her.

There is a saying, mentioned often about pet adoption, one that is hard to truly understand until you witness this.  There is a home for every pet - sometimes it takes awhile before it comes along, but given the chance it will.  Whether it is a high-demand purebred specialty, or one who falls into the category of those that are not quickly adopted, there is a home (and a family) for every pet.
Ethel Rose
Just ask Ethel Rose - I'm sure if she feels like having a conversation with you, she'll tell you that's absolutely the truth.  She is living proof.  Just don't ask her to sing.

CindyLu says:  Gail is one very smart lady!  She knows us black-furred pets really rock!  ^'..'^

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do You Suffer From BDS?

Funny Pictures, Images and Photos
Are you healthy?  Are you fully-functioning, with no psychological, physical or behavioral disorders?  What you might not be aware of is that you might still be suffering from BDS.

It's not a new condition, nor is it a pretty one. It is cruel, it is unfair, it has no justification. There is no God in Heaven according to this.  Or maybe that's the only place He is, but certainly not here with us on this earth.

So do you suffer from BDS?  Well, if you're a dog or cat, you might.  BDS, or Black Dog Syndrome, and BCS (Black Cat Syndrome) affects the lives of dogs and cats who have the misfortune of arriving at a shelter or rescue.  Their chances for adoption - for a real home, a real life - are very low.  What is BDS?  It's a bias against pets who are all-black.  Too many people avoid the black animals, and head straight for those with  brightly colored or geometrically patterned coats.  It doesn't matter how utterly fantastic, how unbelievably perfect, the pet would be for them - if it's black, chances are they're not interested.

The result is that those who are involved with shelters and rescues know all too well the uphill battle they face in their efforts to find forever homes for their glossy, dark and sometimes mysterious charges.  You would think black was a disease.  It may as well be, for how it affects the lives of these animals.  Kennels are filled with black dogs, cages are filled with black cats.  One of the most frustrating things for an animal adoption counselor to hear is the utterance of "What's with all the black ones?  Don't they have any others?"

To them I say, Black is a color folks.  Seriously, what is the color of the must-have evening dress?  What is the color of tinted windows on the expensive car you just drove past?  What is THE color for formal attire?  Black is elegant, black is sophisticated, black is classic and black is about a little BLACK IS BACK! In our search for the best-looking pet for our home, we're overlooking the glossy sheen, the luxurious elegance, the goes-with-everything,  elite black pet.

Have you ever noticed how nature has a way of balancing things?  The rooster may crow, but the hen lays the eggs.  The male bird may be brilliantly colored, but the brown female rules the nest.  The flowers that come in various shades may have some very eye-popping colors, but the "plain" white ones have the most fragrance.  With pets, the black ones (or even the white cats for that matter) have the most personality.  Not that others don't have it - but the black ones have it in spades!  Ask any pet owner who has a black dog or cat.

It's time for people to stop the shallow hunt for only the "prettiest" or "most exotic" looking pet, and pay attention to what really matters.  There is nothing wrong with adopting and providing a home for any pet, but we have to start taking a second look, or for many - a look - at the black ones.  They deserve a home, too.  They provide at least as much companionship, love and entertainment as any other.  Why not. at the very least. adopt a second dog or cat, in addition to the fancy-colored one you've fallen in love with - and give a home to a black pet as well?

It's Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week.  Let's be the change for pets.  Let's be the change for BDS.  Sponsor or adopt a black dog or cat...or two!

Whacky Wednesday

Okay...a little fun, a break for a smile in the middle of this very serious, adopt a "seriously-adoptable" pet week.

And a reminder of just how cool our pets are, no matter age, color, breed, sex, appearance!


The inside scoop on the making of this video - Animal Planet

And now for a little Art class...
funny pictures of cats with captions
Cat Origami
Click on the picture for more kitty designs, even some instructions!
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

I'm Not Perfect Either

You need not feel the need to explain to me, when you forget to pick up my treats at the store.

You need not explain, either, when you come home late from work.

You need not apologize for sleeping in on Saturday, setting out my breakfast later.

You need not be concerned if you don't have the money to buy expensive toys for me, or that really-cool tree post you saw at the pet shop.

You need not feel ashamed that you prefer to not snuggle today, the heat too uncomfortable,
or shun a hug with me to avoid fur on your clothes for that important meeting.

You need not worry at all, if you're anything less than what you feel you should be,
if you do less than you believe you should -

I love you just the same.


I'm not perfect either.

Tippy is waiting for his forever home, at Almost Home Foundation; you can read his story, find out how to help him there or at

Be the change for pets!  Consder a less-adoptable pet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

World's Oldest Man

Walter Breuning, Age 114
Source:  Billings Gazette

At 114 years old, Walter Breuning has recently celebrated his birthday, and the world celebrated his record of being officially, according to the Guinness World Book of Records, the oldest man on earth.  Watch him on the video - words come to mind like wise, sage, accomplished, experienced, rooted, loving and kind....

Otto the world's oldest dog
Otto, age 145   (Source:  UK Daily Mail)
Otto, a dachsund-terrier, was recognized by Guinness as the world's oldest living dog in late 2009.  He passed away in January, 2010 - at the ripe old age of 146 years old.

Who says age is a problem?  Sponsor or adopt a "senior" pet this week.  They're so worth it.

Be the change for pets, adopt a less-adoptable pet.

Cat Thrown in Trash Update

Cat thrown in trash can
Lola Safe and Sound

We all heard about the crazy case of the woman throwing a cat in a trash bin,then closing the lid over it; the poor cat's owners having found her 15 hours later and discovering the culprit on their security camera.

The woman, Mary Bale, has said "I thought it would be funny.  I never thought it would be trapped; I expected it to wriggle out." according to the UK Daily Mail.  Aside from the questionable reasoning of this argument, noone seems to be laughing.

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection and Care of Animals) is taking this seriously. She has been charged with two animal cruelty offenses - for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and for not providing it with a suitable environment.  Each of these carries a possible prison sentence, plus being barred for life from owning pets.  Her next court appearance is in October.   Source: Daily Mail.  

Anger and outrage over the intial report and subsequent video sparked a Facebook page, angry comments on both, even death threats against the woman.  

Perhaps everyone will calm down now, knowing justice is being served, or at least in the works.
Lola is doing well and back in her home happily.

Source:  PawNation

A New Beau?

Happy boy!  Happy boy!  That's what Wasco would be if he found his forever home.  You can just imagine that face, the excited happy dancing.  He must be such a joy to live with!

Wasco isn't a "special needs" boy, so much as one who needs a little patience and understanding.  No, I'm not understating it, it's just that he's not perfectly trained and behaved.  Yet.  And let's face it, that teeny little body, there's only so much you can expect of it!  And he is a "senior" pup - a whole 8 years old.  As he would probably tell you - big whoop!  Considering how long small dogs like Wasco have for average life expectancy, that just really shouldn't be an issue.  And certainly not to hold it against him that he's now wiser (and I'm sure calmer) than when he was a mere puppy.

You can read more about him here, at,  He was rescued and is fostered by Almost Home Foundation

CindyLu says:  Wow!  I think I'm in love!  Mom, pleeeeease....

Satin and Lace

Continuing in this week's stories of special needs pets, I proudly bring you Satin.  Or Snow White as I like to think of her.  Her fur is the softest, most luxurious you will ever run your fingers through.  Her purrs, her hugs, her trusting eyes will make your heart melt.  And her story will make your heart hurt for her.  But fear not; she is a proud lady, a beautiful princess, one who makes the best of her days despite her disability.

Did you know that many white cats, actually animals in general, are deaf?  There can be a congenital component, tied in with the very gene that gives them their snowy look, that causes hearing impairment.  In cats, you can usually find those with white fur and blue eyes, or with two differently colored eyes, have a higher probability of deafness.  For Satin, noone knows if she was born this way, or something caused her to lose her hearing.  This is her story -

After being checked by a vet and vaccinated, Satin went to a foster home that specializes in special needs cats for socialization and introduction work. The foster mom couldn't understand Satin's complete dislike of other cats, and her habit of sometimes nibbling on toes. Then a major discovery was made: our sweet Satin is totally deaf. Once that was discovered, Satin became a loving cat whose only hope is to give and receive love 24 hours a day.

As a special needs cat, she cannot be placed in a home with other cats or dogs. She had to fight for whatever she could get when she was a stray, so her total lack of trust with other animals cannot be changed. She is, however, extremely loving with humans and she sure does love her Turbo-Scratcher and laser pointer toys!

Satin will quickly steal your heart...she is a very special girl!

Are you looking for that purr-fect combination of beauty, intelligence, and tons of kisses and love? Then please allow us to introduce Satin! Satin is a silky white domestic shorthair with striking green eyes and a personality that just will not quit. She was found as a stray by a local police department, who turned her over to Almost Home Foundation for socialization work and adoption to a forever home.

If you are looking to adopt only one cat, or know of someone who is, Satin may be just the perfect choice.  See those paws spread out in the photo?  When she's happy, she not only purrs, she kneads - on the floor, on you, on the air - and those adorable toes do their own little happy dance!

Be the change for Satin, be part of Adopt a less-adoptable this week!  Adopt, donate or sponsor, volunteer, do whatever you can. You can find details about Satin and contact information at Almost Home Foundation or at

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Nectar

Are you looking at this face?  Do  you see what I see?  Do you feel what I do?  I really don't know how anyone - anyone at all - has been able to walk past this girl without taking her home on the spot.  

The most amazing thing, after looking at her, is to find out she is blind.  Now, I have one question to put out there - if we have dogs who unselfishly give their lives to enabling blind people to live theirs, how can we not share our lives with dogs who themselves are blind?  Nectarine needs a home.  And she'd make any home, any family, so much better with her in it.

"Are we going home now?"
From the foster home where she is staying:

Not so much "special needs" as SPECIAL! Nectarine is a beautiful female dog and you almost wouldn't know she's blind. She likes to walk, sleep and be with people just as much as any dog. She's old enough that she's lost her puppy-ish destructiveness, yet young enough that she still energetically runs and plays. Nectarine is very healthy, as well as sweet, gentle and good-natured. She gets along with other dogs, cats and children, too. 

Nectarine is spayed, up-to-date on her shots, and ready to go home.  You can find details at Almost Home Foundation or

It's Adopt a less-adoptable pet week - be the change for pets.  Why not get involved, donate, adopt?

The Better To See You With

A beautiful calico, sans one eye...why not?  At least in my personal experience, if you're looking for a cat with real cattitude, you want a calico.  I love their spunky attitudes, their demanding ways (oh yes, don't let them fool you, you will be at their beck and call without even realizing it.  And loving it.) and their beautiful coats.

Mercedes managed to raise her babies, then see them off to their own homes, all with one eye on them.  Now it's Mom's turn for a happy ending.  She is a young girl, barely more than a year old, with plenty of personality to light up your life.  

You can find out more about Mercedes, and how to adopt her, at Almost Home Foundation or at

Be the change for pets!  This is Adopt a less-adoptable pet week.

Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice


Is this the most adorable face you've ever seen, or what?! (hands over CindyLu's ears)  This little girl could be the photo caption in Webster's for precious!

Ginger is an older girl, and blind.  She can possibly see shadows, but no more.  It doesn't stop her from being a full-fledged loving companion though - when you're around her it's hard to remember that she doesn't see anything. Having a sight-impaired pet is really no different than one with 20/20 ( that what perfect vision is for dogs?) Imagine the sense of fulfillment you'd enjoy, knowing you gave a home to a pet who would otherwise be spending her latter years in a kennel.  Priceless!  And so is that cute face!!!

She has two strikes against her chances of being adopted, just like Sebastian.  For Ginger, it's her age, and her lack of sight.  And yet, she is absolutely the most beautiful, wonderful pet for someone!  Be the change for pets, join the Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week challenge and adopt, sponsor, volunteer, THE change!

Ginger is available through Almost Home Foundation, and is also on She is spayed, with all vaccinations updated, and ready to go Home.

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