Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kitties Outside

I don't know about how it is over in your neck of the woods...but it's been FRIZZIN' here!! As in icy-cold, paw-stickin'-to-the-snow, frigid and freezin' - frizzin'!! Now, I'm no husky; I like my snuggies and the corner of the couch with the pillows for extra space to store some heat (and bones).
But when I look out the window, I sometimes see a kitty out there. There are two in our neighborhood, they don't have a home of their own and they're afraid of people. So no one can get close enough to them to bring them inside. And I've invited them to come in by me a gajillion times, but they just give me a weird look and walk away. I even told them about how we could play. How are they keeping warm out there??

I asked Mom about this, and she said that there are nice people down the street who make sure there is lots of food and water for the kitties. But what about this frizzin' weather?? Well, Mom said that the kitties are smart (hey, I'm a dog - I know they're not as smart as me!) and that they know how to find places to rest where the wind doesn't howl through their ears. I don't know about this. I would think it would still be too cold out there for more than a little, itty-bitty walkie. But I'm no cat.
Instructions and More Ideas - Pact Humane Society
Mom showed me some pictures of little hidey-holes that people make or buy for the kitties to keep warm in. They're pretty cool, I want one of those to play forts! The kitties can play hide-and-seek in them, and stay safe from the big animals who aren't so nice to them. So they're safer, and warmer, and have a place to sleep. That sounds pretty good. You can see some different ideas here from Alley Cat Allies.

I'm glad for the good people who give the kitties some food. I would give them some of mine, but...well, no I wouldn't. I like eating it too much. BOL Hey, I'm honest! Mom says there are lots of people who do what they can to take care of the animals that are outside. That's nice to know, 'cause I have suspicions that there are more kitties out in the cold besides the ones by my house. By the way, when's the last time you came across a doggy who wouldn't come in your house to get warm and eat food? I rest my case. Dogs are smarter.

Do you take care of kitties that are outside? What do you do? How do they keep warm?
Oh, and ask them if they want to come play with me.

CindyLu ^'..'^

image source: Dreamstime; by Gary Auerback


  1. i don't take care of kitties outside or inside, though i suspect mr thumper and ms little pea would like to have one as a pet.

    there are plenty of outside cats on my street. an old lady feeds them everyday. most of them don't belong to her. they sleep anywhere they like, including on top of cars, under cars, in the middle of the road, on rooftops, garbage bins and kerbs. they're a pretty tough lot and move for no one or car :p

  2. We love the idea of making those little beds for stray kitties to sleep in! We don't see many around here. But when our Mama lived in Colorado there were a TON of stray kitties by her apartment building! Mama took one in and fostered her for the year that she lived there, but Gramma wouldn't let her bring that kitty back to Chicago when she moved back... and Mama is STILL sad about that, even though that kitty did get a nice new home!

  3. I think those little kitty houses are a great idea! They aren't the best but they are a zillion times better than just being left in the cold. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those are very nice beds for the outside ones. We don't hardly ever seen any outside strangers at our place. That's a good thing...I think.

  5. We see lots of outdoor cats here in the city. Those little houses look pretty cool.

  6. CindyLu: That's great of you to be concerned about the kitties in the cold. Those beds are great for kitties outside for them to feel safe someplace.


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