Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nathan Winograd

Nathan Winograd
Nathan Winograd is best known for his No Kill advocacy work. A graduate of Stanford Law School, former criminal prosecutor and corporate attorney, Nathan has assisted with writing animal protection legislation at state and national levels, and spoken here and abroad on issues concerning animal shelters. He has written books, appeared on major television and radio programs, and currently is president of  No Kill Advocacy Center.

Mr. Winograd has led shelters across the country in a model he created for efficient, progressive management that enables the eradication of the common euthanasia practices still adhered to by many. His beliefs are strong; in effect, he feels the reasons animals are killed in shelters is due to archaic practices and thinking held by many shelter managers, as well as the continued pandering to those very shelters by some of the major animal protection agencies in this country. Nathan's idea is simple: we are a people who love animals, abhor the idea of killing them just because they do not have a home, and there is no justifiable reason for such killing. The fault lies within the shelters and the minds of those who defend the need to euthanize, rather than achieve adoption.

Some of his past achievements include, most notably, a role he filled as Director of Operations for the San Francisco SPCA, where he managed a progressive and unique approach to maintaining and improving shelter conditions, resulting in an unprecedented success rate of saving lives as opposed to euthanizing.  From there he became Executive Director at the Tompkins County SPCA in New York, managed and reorganized a vast array of animal control and adoption services in a rural community, along with overseeing a newly created Pet Adoption Center, also achieving unprecedented results. With these successes, he proved shelter management can change in style to accommodate the needs of animals, without resorting to killing them for lack of space, funds, etc. He is credited with having created a successful model for shelters to follow, and for his vast knowledge on the subjects of both animal protection and animal shelter management.

He remains an active voice for the protection of animals in shelters, at times in very controversial and heated debates with animal activists over his views, yet we know this man can also be credited with having brought the idea of a plausible No-Kill society into the forefront of modern beliefs. He has proven to be a force to be reckoned with; he does not shy away from criticizing the behavior, or lack of it, by anyone at any level in society, if he believes they have not acted in the best interests of of animals.  He is, and undoubtedly will remain, a powerful voice for the animals.

source: Nathan Winograd

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