Friday, January 14, 2011

This One Wild Life and Kim Clune

Regardless of your opinion about Sarah Palin, Kim Clune's "Palin-free'' Alaska series is an absolute MUST to  view. She shares, through videos, her explorations of this magical land. Her blog, This One Wild Life, celebrates all that is beautiful, wonderful, fascinating and heartfelt in our world of nature and animals. She is a nature enthusiast, an animal activist; and with an arsenal of talent and dedication, aiming to spread the word about rescue pets and adoption.

When Kim and her husband are not traveling the globe, absorbing the beauty and wonder of all that wildlife offers, she is a website designer and writer. The couple are heavily involved in pet rescue and adoption; Kim is one of the founding members of Be the Change for Animals, an embracing effort to combine the avenues of online media to further animal causes, with the people who wish to spread the word about their desires for hope and change.

Kim Clune is an example of how "just" one person can effect enormous change, involvement and commitment to our animal friends. Her tireless efforts, her endearing humor and her skill in coalescing like-minded people from around the world is impressive! Visit her website Mixed Media Matters for your web design needs; follow her on Facebook, Twitter and her blog - you'll see why I love to follow her myself, too!


  1. Hi there Cindylu Who. Thanks for sharing this about Kim Clune. I just "met" her on the petblogger challenge so it was an interesting read. She and her husband are certainly very involved in animal welfare :)

    I just wanted to say also that I just read The Story of Me. Sweet! I commented there but realized you probably will not know since there's no moderator on.

    Anyway, it's good to get to know you (and so many cats!) a bit better. See you around :)

  2. When you said you were highlighting me, Kim, it was such a wonderful surprise. Thank you for your kind words and, as I said just a bit earlier, for making my little, tiny life sound so big and important.

    I just learned from your "About Me" that you have 4 kids, 5 permanent animals and foster cats. Talk about a big, important life! I'm in awe. You're a one woman army of sweetness and any attempt I made to live your daily life would fail miserably. Congrats!

    Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back again soon to see who's up next.

  3. I'm a new follower and I'm really enjoying my visit -- your blog is great!

    I have not seen the show but it looks well worth watching -- I will see if I can find it to watch.

  4. So glad to see Kim featured! I have been "following her everywhere" for quite some time now!

    Her videos are some of the BEST out there (next to "Life With Dogs").....her cats are hilarious...I just love her! Thanks for putting her in the spotlight

  5. I've never heard of Kim Clune, but she sounds like a special and dedicated individual. "Palin-free" works for me, too ;)

  6. :) Will now google and read more about Kim Clune!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. @georgia sweet pea - I did in fact see your comment on the other post, and CindyLu says to tell you it's a rough life, but somebody's gotta do it! BOL

    Kim's post for that challenge was enlightening, wasn't it? It was so wonderful of her to share so much helpful information for us.

  8. @Kim Clune - You are awesome, period. And thank you so very much for the flattering compliment! Although you might think differently about that if you lived with me in my daily life for a day! (And definitely don't ask for my kids' opinions lol)

  9. I've also been to Kim's blog and remained a follower. Thanks for sharing this.

    Also, thanks for your nice comment. I knew I forgot something in that 15 list... Congrats, I nominated you too! So sorry I forgot, it's been a busy morning.

  10. What a great post! I'm going to run right over and meet Kim Clune!!


  11. What a cool -- and very appropriate -- idea to highlight Kim, one of the BTC4Animals co-founders. I'm very familiar with the fabulous Kim and her site, but I'm glad you've introduced others to them.

    Are there really lots (any?) people on this BTC hop who are *for* Shoots Wolves from Planes Palin?

  12. @Edie - That's an interesting question! I do know people who are huge animal-lovers, yet are also proponents of hunting. Whether they're in favor of the plane approach, or Palin for that matter - ?


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