Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Great Animal Lovers

Woohoo! Our rescue that we volunteer for, Almost Home Foundation, is featured in yesterday's edition of I Love Rescue Animals!

Day 24: Almost Home Foundation
I Love Rescue Animals, Day#24
Ashley and Nikki are the founders of the site, and have pledged to highlight one animal group each day throughout this year. Their goal is to raise awareness of all that people are doing on behalf of animals, and to encourage everyone to get involved. Yes, they have a 365 day project, too! Theirs is better; each day, Ashley models the shirt of a group or organization that works on behalf of our beloved creatures. Nikki and I agree; Ashley looks fabulous in this shirt!

We've covered each of these wonderful pet rescue promoters here before - this year's project by I Love Rescue Animals, and the rescue group, Almost Home Foundation. Both work to make the lives of homeless animals better, and both deserve all the support we can offer them!

Thank you, Ashley and Nikki, for your dedication to pets everywhere! And thank you, too, for highlighting our own rescue organization.
Yes...we love rescue animals!

Now...go check out the article! You can see some other great organizations and efforts while you're there, too! I Love Rescue Animals And send them a shirt if you have an organization you support!


  1. That is so cool, they are doing great things!

  2. Always wonderful news!

    May there be many more rescuers :)

  3. I actually don't understand why anyone would still go to a breeder or petshop for a companion animal. So many great ones out there in shelters, of all types! :)

  4. They do such great work and congrats on your organization being featured! That's so cool :)

  5. @georgia little pea - I so agree with you! And they're ready with such love and loyalty, too!

    @Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food - Don't they? They're fabulous! And we were sooo excited to see them feature the organization!

  6. LOL I recognize that shirt! that looks great!


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