Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stray to Extreme

Please note the mention in the interview of their reliance on Alley Cat Allies for assistance with spay/neuter; this organization can be of tremendous help with feral cat issues in a community. Alley Cat Allies, as mentioned in a previous post, offers low-cost neutering services, along with ear-tipping, for ferals. The organization also offers low-cost for those who cannot afford standard neutering rates elsewhere, along with basic vaccinations. Alley Cat Allies, and their vast knowledge and expertise with TNR, trap-neuter-return, has been the answer for many to controlling the feral cat populations in their neighborhoods. Once neutered, the number of cats will not grow; the cats returned to their home areas have the opportunity to live out their lives without hormonal-based mating rituals, in-fighting, territorial spats, and risk of more litters of unwanted kittens. Eventually, through natural attrition and lifespan, the numbers reduce - humanely.

Gotta love Alley Cat Allies!

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