Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Help Patrick

Patrick, the now well-known dog who was starved to near death, then scooped into a plastic bag and thrown in the garbage, is in good hands now. The guardians now watching closely over him, Garden State Veterinary Specialists, believe he stands a great chance of pulling out of this. For a dog that should weigh around 50 pounds to be down to a paltry 20 pounds, he undoubtedly has a way to go yet. His story pulled at the heartstrings of so many around the country, the world, that GSVS has been inundated with donations to help offset the cost of his care.

Photo source: GSVS
It's no surprise that such a dramatic story would capture the attention of so many, or that it would pull open pocketbooks in mass numbers. What is surprising, though - at least to me - is that GSVS just posted that they will no longer be accepting donations.

They state that they have received plenty to ensure Patrick's care. Further, they suggest that those wishing to donate to instead direct their funds to local organizations. It's not often you see anyone, individual or business, turn away donations!

Kudos to GSVS! What Garden State Veterinary Specialists is doing, though, is wise. And for those who wish to do something for the plight of animals in dire situations, it is also wise.

Very often, when we hear or see a heart-wrenching story about an animal, we're quick to run and donate to what is usually a large organization that is broadcasting this animal's plight. There is nothing wrong with large organizations, at least in general. But very often, most of the money you send them will never make it to the animal or animals you intended - if it ever sees the light of day in the first place. It might very well get snatched up in the business-end of expenses in that organization.

Some organizations and groups are notorious for spending most of your donations on "operating expenses", a nice and fancy euphemism that could represent just about anything. Larger businesses in particular are in a position to work some very complicated footwork in their accounting practices. Not so with smaller organizations; their sheer lack of size makes them more transparent from the start. And the larger organizations have so much more in opportunities for promoting the stories they are involved with. You may not hear about the ones smaller groups are working on even though they may have the same stories to tell.

So what do you do when you see a story about animals that makes you want to donate, to help change their circumstances? If you recognize that their story is but one of millions, that they are in effect a symbol or poster-child that represents so many, many others - look up a local organization, and donate to them. Most even allow for donations to be given in the name or in honor of someone. You could donate to them, on behalf of the animal that brought you to want to give in the first place.

All animals in need deserve our attention and help, not just the famous ones. And Patrick, dear sweet boy - we're all rooting for you! xo

Not aware of Patrick's story?


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  1. Thank you for sharing this, I didnt know about him. so sad that people do this but so happy people came together for him.

  2. I didn't know about him either. Could you post the story?

  3. I apologize! It was wrong of me to assume everyone knew about him.

    I have updated the post with a video and links detailing his story.

  4. Hi CindyLu,
    I wasn't aware of this story about Patrick, but have just watched the videos.
    This is indeed a tale of two extremes. The cruelty of man and the compassion of mankind.
    Here's to a healthy, happy Patrick and too all our precious animals who have known adversity.
    Our friends in the animal world have so many lessons to teach us about unconditional love. If only more humans would learn from these valuable lessons.
    Peace and positive wishes, your way, Gary.

  5. When I first discovered the story I was horrified. I can't believe that anything calling itself a human being could do such thing. But clearly it can.

    So glad Patrick is pulling through.

    You're right about the other animals also, sometimes one just has to help one at the time.

  6. Gary and Jana, you are both so right!

  7. I had read about sweet Partick. He is such an adorable sweetie and I'm so glad that he is getting the help he needs. My sisters and I will be purring for him too!

  8. This story is so sad. I also have a post prepared about him for this Friday. Together we can help spread the word on how everyone can help Patrick. He deserves to receive so much love..

  9. We've been following and posting about Patrick, the "miracle" dog. It's so heartwarming to see him getting better and better each day. He has a beautiful spirit - may we all be "Patrick strong!" Thanks for sharing! It's great that we all keep posting and sharing and Retweeting info about him so this does not happen again to another sweet, innocent soul. I applaud the maintenance man who found him, the humane society, and the veterinary staff who are caring for him. Bravo!

  10. That is awesome that they are directing people to make donations to other shelters. Patrick was an EXTREME case of neglect but he's not the only one! Maybe if people specifically want to help Patrick still, they could make their donations in his honor or in his name. That way, what Patrick lived through will be helping other animals like him!


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