Friday, June 17, 2011

Fab Feline Friday: A Litter Rescued

Typical scenario: stray cat wandering neighborhood, so young to be a new mother. Also typical: Litter of six tiny kittens left alone, when mama is hit by a car and killed. Not so typical: a kind human notices and comes to their rescue. This is the story of Polly, Jeremy and Logan, and their siblings.
Horrified by the mother's fate, and worried for those of her babies, a caring woman stepped up and took action. The kittens had been living behind a restaurant, along a road with heavy, speeding traffic. She ensured the babies were all rescued, vetted, and taken under the wing of a rescue organization. She fostered them in her home. They may have forever lost the love of their mother, but they had hers. She literally gave them a future.

Three of these kittens have found their forever homes. Three remain, waiting for their turns. For all that they have been given, they still have this one need. They seem to know they aren't there yet, that they are in a temporary situation. It is not what would give them the security and peace that their mother would have provided, or what any foster home can provide, no matter how much love is showered on them.
Polly, Jeremy and Logan are all considered shy kitties. What does "shy" really mean? Well, if you would love to have someone that makes you feel super-special, one of the privileged few, you want a "shy" cat. These furries are particular; they won't just run up to whoever walks through the door and welcome them with purrs and wagging tails. They probably won't have anything to do with most who come by to visit.
Particular kitties prefer to feel comfortable with someone. They are choosy and will not automatically trust or climb on your lap. So if you are the one who adopts these cats, they learn that you provide them with what they need, what they want, and will not harm them. They will open up to you, and you'll become their Special Person. Their love and affection will be reserved for YOU. Not such a bad thing to have a shy pet, is it?
Imagine coming home after yet another grueling day at work. You feel crushed from all the chaos, the lack of respect, and unappreciated for who you are and what you do. But you know that when you walk through your door, you will have your treasured friend waiting for you - who thinks you are the most amazing and worthy person in the world.

Polly and her brothers are just over one year old. They have been fostered with other cats and a dog. If you or someone you know is considering adopting a cat, consider providing a home for one that is ready to make you their Best Friend Forever.

Polly, Jeremy and Logan are available through Almost Home Foundation. They are current on vaccinations, spayed/neutered and microchipped.

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  1. We are purring for these kitties!!! We have a couple of shy cats here and it is SO rewarding when they decide to love you....

  2. They are so beautiful. But then, I never met an ugly cat. Though shy cats may not ever become "social butterflies," in the right home they sometimes become more self assured and less reserved.

  3. this post tore my heart apart. That was such a sad story, my heart is breaking.

    I loved how you described "shy" and "particular" kitties. That is how my angel Bobo was. I think that is why we had such an incredible bond. He didn't like just anyone...he liked very few...I so loved this post!

  4. Random Felines - I'm sure the kids thank you very much! It really is special when they choose you, totally agree!

    Julia Williams - You're absolutely right, on both counts! We've never met a kitty who wasn't beautiful, either. And they do indeed sometimes become much more sociable!

    Cat Chat with Caren - Aww, Beautiful Bobo! You had an awesome relationship with him!
    p.s. - Thank you so very much for spreading the word on behalf of these kitties!

  5. Sammy-Joe is a shy kitty... and Mama knows she's lucky because he loves her the most!

  6. Love the way you make shy into an advantage. Sending lots of purrs that these sweet rescues find homes. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Your rescue story is so heartwarming. Sometimes I get so depressed at the other sad stories of what people do to pets.

    Dropping by on the blog hop today.That's what the world needs today - another talking cat - but it's cute! Stop by my blog to see a cat say "Let me in" at his owner's window.

  8. Poor babies! I hope each of them gets a forever home. You're right. Shy ones can make the best cuddlers. They may not be comfortable with strangers, but once they know you they are your best buddy. I had a shy cat and every night he would sleep with me and wrap his paw around my hand. Sebastian was an awesome cat. I wish he were still here with me.


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