Friday, June 3, 2011

Fab Feline Friday: Sebastian

If there ever was a cat guilty of theft, it would have to be Sebastian. He is a master of sleek, stealthy, quicker-than-the-eye and right-under-your-nose theft. What does he steal? Hearts. Untold numbers of hearts.

Photo Credit: Purr Photography

Sebastian is the most amazing cat I've ever met. At a glance, he's "just another black cat". Hah! Gotcha already, if you've so much as glanced at him. There is something purely mystical in his gaze, something ethereal in his aura. I would even go so far as to suspect he's one of those angels who live among us here on Earth, within the guise of a life form. He is that amazing.

As a kitten, he suffered from panleukepenia, also known as feline panleukopenia virus (FPV), or feline distemper. Panleukopenia is highly fatal in a kitten - so right from the start, Sebastian is special. He survived it. He thrived afterward. This boy was meant to live; there is a higher reason and a purpose for his life.

The disease left it's mark on him. His nervous system was affected by it, and the result is a sometimes-shaky, uneven balance or walk. He might tremble a bit, his head might tilt to the side as he looks at you. You hardly ever see this in him, though; it happens when his system is overstimulated, bombarded. So if he gets stressed, it might become noticeable. Even with that, he'll tell you he can manage just fine, thank you.

Photo credit: Purr Photography

Having overcome a horrible disease, he also overcame adversity. As a kitten, he was dependent on the support of his sister. Although they were adopted together, the humans were really only interested in his sister, and Sebastian was left to learn life without her. Living in a loving, attentive foster home has surely helped him, and he no longer needs that early support. His only need now is for human companionship.

For humans, he offers companionship in spades. He loves to be petted, held, talked or sung to - any attention from you will be fully appreciated and returned with purrs you can hear from clear across the room, or head-butts of love. He is the epitome of sweetness, purity, goodness, love.

Sebastian is looking for his Forever Home. More importantly, he is looking for his Lifelong Friend. If you or someone you know has a calm home, empty lap, and heart longing for the best friend ever, be sure to ask for him!

Photo Credit: Purr Photography

Sebastian is fully healthy, up-to-date on vaccinations, neutered, and ready to go home! 
You can find him at Almost Home Foundation. He's waiting for you.


  1. Sebastian is totally pawsome...not to mention handsome. I hope your forever home is looking for you right this very moment!!!

  2. Liked and shared. What a good kitty! :)

  3. Brian, he is handsome, isn't he? He'd love to wear your hat!

  4. Thank you, Keisha! Sebastian deserves all we can do for him!

  5. Sebastian is unbelievably handsome!!! I sooo hope he finds a furever home. I am on my way to share this right now!

  6. Thanks, Caren! You'd be so in love if you met him!

  7. He is so beautiful, and with gorgeous green eyes just like my black cat Mickey. I hope he finds his forever home soon!

  8. Thank you, Julie, we sure hope so, too. I'll have to pass on the great compliment to him, bet he'd love to hear it!


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