Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank you Joshua-Paul

Awhile back, Mom wrote about Joshua-Paul's radio show, and his fervent dedication to us animals. He's an advocate for all those who are unfairly treated in this world, four-leggers and two-leggers alike. He's a super-cool guy, and I'm so happy to know him.

He works hard in many ways for us animals. He volunteers for our rescue group, Almost Home Foundation. He hosts his radio show, The Joshua-Paul Show, where his latest shows ran hard-hitting against an awful place in our area that claims to be a rescue, but is not kind to them at all. In fact, that's been his latest mission - to see that the state's Department of Agriculture gets it's butt over to that place and investigates.

He also writes regular articles on Examiner; although he covers a few subjects, his latest have been exclusively about the conditions of that wretched place, the petitions for an investigation, and what people can do to help. He has relentlessly pursued this like a bloodhound, even though the humans from that rescue have been really nasty to him. He just cares about animals. Apparently those people only care about themselves.

Now that it's the beginning of June, and it's National Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, Joshua began writing articles about his favorite rescue organization, and the cats that need their forever homes. He wants to see them get as much publicity as possible, in the hopes someone will see them and want to take them home. Let's face it; there are so many cats in need of homes, they need all the help they can get!

So I was really surprised yesterday, when he contacted me asking if I could provide him with a photo of Mom. Mom? Whatever for? Well, he was writing an article about her. When he explained what he was writing about, I of course corrected him; he was writing about MOI. But...he had his ideas, so I just let it pass. So I sent him my best photo of Mom, one I'm quite proud of. And he thinks I've got some real photography potential! He was just way too excited, I didn't let on that it was really done by a pro, I was only the one sending it. Hey, a girl's gotta take credit however she can get it, no? BOL

So here it is, Hoffman Estates woman devotes every day to animal rescue and animal welfare, complete with photo provided by me. I do get a nice mention in there, about being the "beloved dog" and all. I was kinda hoping he'd emphasize a little more about me, a little less about the secretary...but he's way too great of a guy to quibble with. He knows what he's doing. I'll pretend it's Secretary's Day. And check it out - he gives me the photo credit!

Oh, one more thing about Joshua. All the funds he can raise through his radio show and his articles he has sent directly to the animal rescue group. He does all this work - which is a ton, no doubt! - just for us animals. You gotta love this guy! See the radio button on the upper right side? That's for his show. Any time someone clicks on it, it helps send money to feed the animals. I personally picked out a show of his that had really great music to listen to.

Am I proud of the article? Yep! And I'm proud of helping for it, too. But I'm most proud of knowing a very special man like Joshua, who takes us animals seriously. And does something about it. You can't beat that!

Please visit his radio show, or just click the button above.
Like Joshua-Paul Radio Show on Facebook.
And give him a big bark-out (or meow, if you're inclined) in the comment section!

Thanks, Joshua, for all you do, and for being a dog's best friend!
Smooches! CindyLu


  1. I think everyone needs someone like Joshua in their lives - it gives us all hope for the human race!! Good luck in his fight....

  2. Joshua-Paul is a cat's best friend too. Thank you for letting everyone know how special he is!

  3. That was a great article!!! For some reason I couldn't comment over there, but I really enjoyed it!

  4. Deanne, you're so right! Josh works hard for all of us animals.

    Random Felines, thanks for your wishes - I'll be sure to pass them on to him!

    Brian, I'm so sorry you had trouble commenting! I'll most definitely pass the word to him, and I'm sure he appreciates your support!


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