Friday, August 12, 2011

Fab Feline Friday: Jaguar

Nope, not quite the car - although his name was inspired by a set of wheels that nearly killed him, left him for dead. Jaguar is a boy who has an amazing story to tell. One that inspires, renews faith in human kindness, and ultimately warms your heart and makes you smile.
photo credit: Purr Photography
Jag was an un-neutered male about a year old.  Josh, who happens to be an animal rescue volunteer, saw a car hit Jag, and then keep driving.  Josh and his friend stopped and scooped up Jag. They brought him to animal emergency. When he was brought into the emergency room, he was dripping blood out of his anus and his temperature was 106. They immediately suspected internal bleeding.  Thankfully, the bleeding was from the trauma of the hit, and was not from internal injuries.

Jag's tibula was shattered. They weren't sure if they would have to pin his leg together (surgery) or if a cast/splint would work. Because of his age, the veterinarian thought we should try the cast/splint first.

Jag's first cast had a metal splint that came down through the cast & went up over his hip. Walking was extremely difficult.   Jag's foster mom had to crate him and work on supervised walks. he would fall flat on his face every few feet.
The cast caused an irritation on the inside of his this thigh.  He was brought to the vet to be checked. Since his foster mom worked, the appointment was a drop-off.  

While waiting to be seen, Jag chewed off his cast.

His second cast did not have the splint & left his toes free. It made it easier for Jag to walk, but every two steps, he puts his bad leg out sideways and tries to "shake off his cast". He is also chewing on it by his feet. He went in for a check last week, and although everything looks good, he has to wear the cast for a couple more weeks.

Jag is an absolute sweetheart. He loves to be petted. Since his mobility is not what he wants it to be, his favorite activity right now is laying in a cuddler and eating. In fact, if foster mom does not feed Jag as often as he wants, he walks (shakes) to the kitchen to remind her it is time to eat.

Jag can't wait for his cast to come off. Then, he wants a forever home of his very own. He will need physical therapy for a short while until he regains muscle mass in his leg. Otherwise, he should have smooth sailing for the remainder of his 8 lives!
Jaguar is available for adoption through Almost Home Foundation.

*This has been a guest post by Deanne Blenkle, animal rescue volunteer, freelance writer - and in love with Jag.*


  1. Thank you for featuring Jag. He is an amazing kitty who deserves a home of his very own.

  2. what a beautiful cat... He got lucky once, I hope he gets lucky again soon and finds an amazing forever home....

  3. Amazing story. Thanks for posting it. I love reading about these types of things. He's lucky to be alive thanks to the kindness of humans.

    Doreen and The Gang at Doggies and Stuff

  4. Deanne - You're welcome, and thank you for writing his story!

    Hilary - I agree with your idea of luck, and I'll bet he's going to make someone very lucky, too :)

    Doreen - Thank you - you are one who would most definitely understand the magnitude of it all!

  5. Hope Jag finds a forever home soon!

  6. Awwwww that is a special cat. By the way, I want to let you know that I've nominated you for the Tripbase My 7 Links! Check out the details on my blog. Have fun!


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