Monday, October 31, 2011

Petco's 2011 National Pet Food Drive

Our brutal economy has led to diminished donations at a time when the need couldn't be greater. With so many people still reeling from the devastating effects of recent years, there are less who feel they can afford to help others. At the same time, the number of those in need is simply staggering. In response, Petco and Hill's Science Diet have teamed up for the second year in hosting a national pet food drive.
Over the course of the next two weeks, you can find a collection bin at all Petco and Unleashed by Petco stores for dog and cat food, as well as cat litter. Hill's Science Diet will match all donations collected pound-for-pound, literally doubling all donations. Through November 13th, you can donate litter, dog and cat food bags and cans of any brand, any size. The donations will go to needy households, in the hopes of making the Thanksgiving holiday a bit better for both pets and their families.

There are still an astonishing number of people who have found themselves facing the excruciating decision of whether to relinquish their beloved pets or risk not being able to care for them. Shelters and rescues know firsthand what effect this economical climate has had on pets and the people who love them. The flood of pets coming in due to relinquishment or, sadly, being left behind or out in the cold is testament to the cruel realities people are now facing.
With help from those who can, many people might have the opportunity to keep their pet. During hard times, a pet becomes an even more crucial source of stability and comfort, making it that much more important to aid those who are having a hard time providing the nutrition their pets need. This help in providing needy pets the food they require will extend to lessening the impact on rescues and shelters, which are already brimming over capacity.

Remember, a little help can go a long way! Even if you can only afford to offer a small amount to the donation bins, with Hill's matching your donation you will be providing that much more. A few tips:
  • If you have unopened, unusable food or litter at home, things your pet will not use - donate them!
  • Clip coupons, BOGO offers, rebates - not only for the products you purchase, but also any other pet products - then either use them to save on purchasing at Petco for the donation bin, or give the coupons to your local shelter/rescue. 
  • You can find many helpful coupons and offers right on Hill's website.
  • Many of those caring for their animals are only able to offer, at best, the less-expensive products to their pets, so don't ever think you cannot donate simply because you can't afford the expensive ones. On the other hand, if you can afford them, there are always pets that will surely benefit from them.
  • Consider donating special-diet foods, for those with medical conditions or allergies.
  • Cat litter is essential for cats; those with financial difficulties often hesitate purchasing any - with unhealthy results for people and pets alike.
Don't forget treats!

"This year's goal is 400,000 pounds of pet food - and since 100 pounds of food can provide between 40 and 400 meals for one pet, depending on pet size, age and activity level - we have the potential to help a lot of pets. And, to help us along Hill's Science Diet will match, pound for pound, every bag of dog and cat food donated at Petco stores during the drive - up to 100,000 pounds!" - Petco

Our wish is for everyone to have a stress-free, food-filled and nutritious Thanksgiving holiday!


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