Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Video Wednesday: Puppy Mill Dogs

This is worth every minute of watching....

Hey, blogging friends! This Saturday is Blog the Change - we can make the day a special one for all the puppy mill dogs out about puppy mills, Petland or pet stores selling puppy mill dogs. Get your pledge in on Be the Change for Animals to have your link listed in's press release! Head over to for today's deadline pledging!

Let's rock this weekend, spreading the word about this evil!


  1. Hi CindyLu and Kim
    Indeed, 'puppy mills', or as they call them here in Britain, 'puppy farms', need to be banned.
    I got my human to sign the petition over at
    I cannot believe that such things go on. Makes me sad and angry.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny

  2. Thank you Penny for having your human sign the petition. It's so important! I'm sad and angry about it, too. Hopefully some day soon no doggies will have to live this way. Hugs :)


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