Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Copy of Dieting With My Dog - Win!

Hey, there - CindyLu here! Between you and me, you just know you're going to be thinking "Diet Time", once the holidays are over. And you also know, your pets are probably going to need one, too, after your generous sharing of your thankful feast. Not to mention, the absent-minded extras you dish out while you're up to your eyeballs with stuff to do over the next month. 'Tis the season. Let me share a secret with you.

There's nothing better than having a friend do something with you, especially if it's a challenging sort of thing. Dieting isn't easy, but a pal to walk the walk with you helps. And who better to walk with you than your pet, I ask? I say "pet" because it's not just us dogs who get a little pudgy around the middle. Cats have been known to be a tad overweight, especially these days. Just ask Dr. Lorie Huston, DVM. In fact, she give us the lowdown on obesity in dogs and cats, and how you can help improve your pet's health through weight management.

So, go ahead and enjoy the holidays, I sure don't want to put a damper on them for you. But when you reach that day where you're muttering, "I'm going to have to diet", be sure you've got Peggy Frezon's book, Dieting With My Dog. You'll be glad you've got it handy.

And...guess what? You've got a great chance to WIN a FREE copy of Peggy's book - no kidding! Koly (and Jodi), over at Kol's Notes, are offering a giveaway! You get a gazillion chances to enter the contest, but it's almost about to head on over there right now. Trust me, the odds of winning the book are sooo much better than that lottery ticket you bought not long ago. BOL

Kol's Notes
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Smooches, CindyLu


  1. Hey CindyLu,
    Yes indeed, it's me Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. Once again I've taken over my human's keyboard and thought I should check out your latest pawsting.
    I manage to keep myself nice and trim. Of course, the fact we don't have Thanksgiving over here in Britain may just help. Sure wouldn't mind a bit of turkey. Will have to wait until Christmas.
    Anyway, obesity in dogs and cats is a serious issue. Human's should bear in mind that they might think they are being kind, but overeating is not good for our health. "Dieting With My Dog" sounds like an excellent and informative read. I must get my human to have a bit more exercise with me. The other day my human told me was going to 'diet'. I asked him, 'what colour?'
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  2. BOL...oh, Penny, you're so funny! And very smart for a dog. You go get that human of yours out for some exercise! - run him around town a few times. Maybe he'll go home and sleep so you can have some peace and quiet ;)
    Peaceful paws to you xx

  3. Sending puggle snuggles your way! Thank you so much for your help in sharing this great book! **I can't wait to give a copy away! SQUEE!**


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