Friday, December 30, 2011

Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge Wrap-up & Giveaway

Hard to believe how fast the time has flown. It seems like it was just last week, when I was going through contortions to get CindyLu to eat her food - not the cats' or mine. But the past four weeks have brought about some changes in her, and I'm happy to report Eukanuba has served her well.

We began the challenge with trepidation, knowing CindyLu's preferences for wanting whatever is not hers, including what's in the food bowls. It wasn't likely she would last long eating only a food intended specifically for dogs. Eukanuba has changed that, and it's quite an accomplishment in itself. The taste of this food gets a big paws-up from CindyLu!

Visually, the condition of her teeth improved. Eukanuba claims its "DentaDefense", or special coating of the kibble, can "reduce tartar build-up by up to 55% in 28 days". I have no way of measuring such a statistic, but believe the potential. Within the first weeks, CindyLu had much cleaner-looking teeth, with much of the previously observable tartar simply gone. Quite a nice bonus!

There were visible changes as well in her coat and eyes. I mentioned last week about how she'd always had a tendancy for goopy mucus draining around her eyes and down her cheeks. No more sticky whiskers here! Her eyes are clearer, healthier-looking. Her coat has improved. CindyLu has combination-fur; some is beautifully silky, some tends to be fuzzy. The latter seems more moisturized, less dry.

Finally, I think she may have lost some weight. Doing the ol' "pinch an inch" test gave me quite a bit four weeks ago. Now, not much; in fact, it feels more like loose skin. Losing weight/fat wasn't on my list of priorities, but knowing how much better it is for the health of our pets if we keep them lean and strong - this is a great and unexpected result.

I have to admit, I've been one of those who advocate for only the best of foods for our pets. Eukanuba, while not a truly premium pet food, has certainly shown its value. We began this challenge hesitantly, unsure of the quality and nutritional soundness, based on Eukanuba's spotty history (and Iams, both owned by P&G). The company has shown that it has made significant changes and is responding to the concerns of pet owners.

Will we continue to use Eukanuba? Yes. I plan to try out some of the other formulas, like the Naturally Wild and the Pure Formula. We might even find one that Chester, with all his allergies, can tolerate well. I don't believe in using one food exclusively, but Eukanuba will now be included in those we choose.

I would recommend Eukanuba for anyone who cannot afford the time or expense to feed raw, home-cooked or other currently recommended top diets. I myself have not been in a position to feed my own children the best-of-the-best foods, let alone our pets, and I know many others are in the same position. You might say this is a premium pet food for the 99%. :)

Now that I've completed the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge, I'd like to give my readers an opportunity to try any formula of Eukanuba - for free!

I'm giving away one voucher, good for one FREE bag of any Eukanuba Dog Food (up to 40 lbs) to one of my readers interested in trying their food.

You can enter up to three ways:
1.)  Leave a comment below this post that tells us why you should win this voucher (Mandatory entry)
2.) Tweet about this post (daily if you wish)
3.) Blog about this post

You can qualify by one or up to all three of these methods. I will choose from all entries using, and will announce the winner on January 3rd. Giveaway ends 12:01am EST 1/6/2012.

Disclaimer: Eukanuba provided us with two free bags of food for this challenge; the opinions expressed about the product are my own observations.

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  1. we just adopted a dog from our local animal shelter who is a little malnourished . would be great to win some high quality food for him.

    miketx60 - @Griswald60

  2. I want to win because I think my 2 doggies would love to try something new!!

  3. WHAT!! no "cat" challenge??

  4. I want to win because this is what I feed my dogs and they do well on it.

  5. I'm glad the Eukanuba is working out for your puppy. :)

    Please don't enter me in the contest this time.

    Have a Happy New Year, Kim!

  6. Hi Kim,
    Encouraging to know that the results of feeding CindyLu, Eukanuba is working out so well.
    Did you know that Eukanuba goes under the name 'Iams' over in the UK? I checked out Iams over here and it makes for some interesting reading.
    Take good care :)

  7. it said i can leave a blog post again for an entry ?
    all together we have 2 dogs and a cat . this win would def. come in handy :)

    miketx60 - @Griswald60

  8. Hi Y'all!

    No entry here, just a wish that y'all will have the very best in the New Year!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  9. It's nice to hear that a dog food, that is not necessarily the most expensive, provides much needed nutrional value for our dogs. I have moved from brand to brand, trying to find what is best for my 2 dogs. Being that one is a senior & one a young adult is a challenge, since they like to eat each others. It would be interesting to see / or hear if others have the same experience you did. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm up to trying something new with my dogs.

  11. at times like these, it'd be good not to be across the very big pond.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR CindyLu's Muse! i hope you're all having a fabulous holiday, and not too cold. all the very best for a healthy, happy, peaceful 2012! :) x

  12. Thanks, Sharon - Happy New Year to you, too!

  13. Hi, Gary (klahanie) - at least here, Eukanuba and Iams are two separate brands, although they are both owned by the same company (P&G). You have me curious now about how it's handled in the UK!

  14. Hawk, thank you! Wishing the very best to you in the New Year, too!

  15. That would be a challenge, Peggy! As for what others have experienced, here are testimonials by both consumers and experts -

  16. Oh, Georgia Little Pea, it would be good to not be across the big pond so very often! Imagine what trouble we could stir up if we got together! BOL
    Thank you kindly, and may you have the most wonderful year ever, in 2012!

  17. I would like to win because I have 2 dogs(and 5 cats) I try to feed them all high quality food, I also try to donate food to my animal shelter, especially since thats where I adopted my last little angel and they deserve quality too, Molly said the food at the shelter was nasty and she had to lay on the cold floor, she wants all of her friends at the shelter to at least have good food, so I would donate it to my local shelter where I adopted Molly

  18. I'm SO glad the food served CindyLu well 'til the end. Isn't it wonderful, too, when you get an unexpected bonus with a good food? I have a cat whose eyes were goopy until I got her on a good food. I would have never guessed it was diet related.

    I hope you find something for Chester!

  19. I agree that Eukanuba has had some challenges. I'm interested in seeing what thu have done to improve. It's encouraging to hear your review and thoughts about the food seeming to be better. It's about time the folks at P&G realize we ALL want to feed our dogs better!

  20. It's great to hear that CindyLoo did so well! I hope it works out as well for Chester, too.


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