Monday, February 18, 2013

Bea on TV! This Is The Face Of A Puppy Mill Dog

Former puppy mill dog, Bea, has made many friends and fans these days. Starring next to the beautiful model, Kiley Wirtz, she has posed in a special video and print message to raise awareness about puppy mills and the pet shops that profit from them.

"This Is The Face Of A Puppy Mill Dog" aims to spread the word that puppy mills are horrible, and pet shops that sell dogs get them from these despicable businesses. Puppies obtained from these stores are prone to severe genetic disorders, terrible diseases, and the careless breeding causes great anguish for both pet and pet parent alike.

"From a young age I had more problems than a senior dog – something that happens often with us puppy mill dogs", says Bea. A rescued puppy mill dog, Bea represents the many that are bred in such places. And now she is their poster girl, as well, through Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS).

Beautiful in her own right, Bea poses with successful, attractive models of the human variety in a special PSA that hopes to spread the word about the ills of puppy mills. And now, this month into the beginning of next, a portion of that PSA will be aired nightly during the "News Hour" on PBS.

In the Chicago area, as well as a few other major areas, Bea will have her chance to share "This is the Face of a Puppy Mill Dog" with millions of viewers. Already a star, she'll now be a television heroine as well. For our area, Chicago, these spots on PBS will begin airing tonight, and run through March 4th.

Be sure to watch!
Photo courtesy of Ida McCarthy
Additionally, CAPS is making sure that the employees of the Happiness Is Pets store in Lombard, IL, as well as any of their potential patrons, see Bea's message. The "Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills" image is now on the billboard across from the store.
Go CAPS! Go Bea!!


  1. Awww...Kim, thank you so much for supporting Beatrice and CAPS! We need to spread the message! More and more people are being educated on the dogs that are sold in pet stores. Puppy mills are a disgrace to our society. People research a car before they buy it, but not a puppy, so sad. Thanks for all you do! Ida McCarthy

    1. You're most welcome - but it's easy when dogs such as her are in need of support! You're so right about the casual way so many people approach purchasing a dog. They need to know more about it, and many are already educated thanks to CAPS and all the hard work you do!

  2. Cheering for Beatrice being an advocate for puppy mill dogs! Setting up the billboard in front of a pet shop is genius as well.
    CAPS is doing a great job.

  3. Thanks for this post - we will help spread the word via Twitter & FB. Our rescue Maggie was a breeder mom in a puppy mill. Luckily they tossed her out when she got to old and we have her now!


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